Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Premier Adventure: Part 2

After a very rough first night (Gil got sick on the bed and the camper was rolling back and forth in the heavy wind), I was way too tired to even think of driving this morning so I handed the wheel over to Dad.

It's become very obvious over these past two days that traveling by RV is just not Gil's cup of tea. I think his nerves are what caused him to get sick overnight and he hasn't been able to relax at all during our 8 hours on the road. I have a theory that it's the noise that bothers him. The RV drives like a tin can so you can feel and hear every bump on the road. I wrapped one of the crate pads over his ears and that seemed to help a little. The one thing that does seem to calm him down a little is sitting way up front next to the driver.

Thankfully all the other dogs have been taking the trip in stride.

Aside from Gil's little traveling issues the trip has been pretty smooth; the only hitch is getting used to the time changes. We left Nevada around 8:00am, which is later than we would have preferred but we forgot to change our watches. We had a lovely scenic drive through Salt Lake City before reaching Wyoming.

The drive through Wyoming was... just, WOW. The landscape is absolutely beautiful, and GREEN, compared to the dry, brown Nevada desert. The pictures I took really don't do it justice. I can see now why people move to states like this. There's nothing but miles and miles of land for dogs to hunt and run on. Gil would love living here.

We finally reached the campgrounds in Cheyenne around 7:00. These grounds are a lot nicer than the ones in Wendover, unfortunately the weather is a bit too wet for us to be able to enjoy the outdoors. Oh well, hopefully tonight will be much less eventful than the one before. One thing for sure is that Cali (and me by default) is not going to get much rest if the wackos outside don't stop shooting off their fireworks.

We're off to Omaha tomorrow. More later.


  1. Gil might have motion sickness due to the ongoing movement of the RV. That might be why he feels better closer to the front where the movement is probably less.

    I know that dogs can take dramamine in small doses for motion sickness.

  2. Maybe you should get a vacation home in wyoming when you are older, you could probably buy a mansion for not much =)

  3. PS: I think Jackie is probably right, that is exactly how I would act if I were carsick.

  4. I have very strong motion sickness, even at 46. Some things work for me when I have to be a passenger in a car. First, close my eyes since the sickness tends to be the difference between what the eyes see and the body experiences. Also, lots of fresh air with open windows. A/C doesn't do it for me. Maybe Gil can sit in the passenger seat with the window open.

  5. Poor Gil! I wonder if he is like a person and would do better if he were keeping his eye on the horizon line when driving. This prevents motion sickness in people.

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