Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Gil and Fecni's litter was born on Pi Day (3.14), March 14th 2011. There were a total of six puppies born, but sadly, three of them didn't make it. That left us with two girls and one boy, all extreme white with dark brindle markings.

The first born was a tiny little female. She came out legs first and was quite wiggly upon making her entrance into the world. She is still the smallest puppy of the three but she doesn't seem to realize it. Of all the puppies she's the only one that came out with dark pigment on her nose and mouth.

Second born was the lone male puppy. After the tiny little girl we were shocked to see this big white whale of a puppy. He's already got a nice masculine head, which we hope will take after his father and grandfather.

The last puppy born was a mid-sized female. Like her little sister, she also came out feet first and was clearly a strong little puppy ready to take the world by storm. She has since grown to be the largest of the three puppies, even surpassing her big brother. She is definitely her mother's daughter and is always first in line at the dinner table come feeding time. Even at this age she looks like she's going to be a very heavy-boned, rustic style MA just like Fecni.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fecni and Gil are Expecting!

I know, I know, it's a bit late for me to be posting this but better late then never. Fecni and her beau Gil are expecting puppies this month!

She's due to whelp on March 14th. Updates will be posted as soon as possible.