Tuesday, July 28, 2009

News From Abroad: Betcha-Katcha Nookie Wins Big!

The FCI Lure Coursing Championships were just held in Marienbad (Czech Republic) and MAs from all over Europe were in attendance including two of Gil's sisters, A.U. Fagyöngy and A.U. Fenyves, and one of Willow and Belle's littermates, Betcha-Katcha Nookie.

(c) 2009 Angelika Heydrich

(c) 2009 Angelika Heydrich

There were more than a dozen dogs of each sex entered and after days of hard, competitive running BK Nookie came out victorious as the Female FCI European Lure Coursing Champion of 2009!!! Congratulations to her owner, Waltraud Sporer, and her breeder Friederike Honstetter.

(c) 2009 Angelika Heydrich

Both of Gil's littermates also finished in the top 6 for females with Fagyöngy taking a 4th place and Fenyves 6th place. Congratulations to their owners and breeder as well. Overall it sounds like it was a great event with great dogs and I only wish I could have been there to see it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

News From Abroad: Like dog like car?

I just got this great photo of Gil's sister, Remy, and one mean car :)

Racing and Lure Coursing News

The May racing period is a bit of a blur, but one thing that's for certain is that our young Luna made a big leap forward by winning her very first LGRA meet! All the CA MAs were in attendance, which translated into Luna earning her first 2 points towards her GRC. Gil took second place in the meet and finished his GRC.

The ASFA Regional Invitational was held in May and two of the CA MAs, Willow and Fecni, were in attendance. After her long rest period Fecni was rarin' to go and took home the Best of Breed award. This is the first time that any MA has competed in an ASFA Regional and we were very excited to participate. After the trial was over the club set aside time to do certification runs. Gator and Luna got to run together as a brother/sister brace, but their first run was an oval-look-alike so they had to run it a second time. After the second run they were back on track and received their certification slips. I can hardly wait to have the whole team out lure coursing this fall!

If/when I get more pictures I will be sure to post them.

Condensed Show Results: New Champs and Big Wins

Since there are too many shows to report on individually I thought I would just condense all the major show news into one post.

After their big success in Sparks the CA MAs got to stay in our home state for the Norcal APBT Club's May shows in Rancho Cordova. This was Luna's big debut in the ring and she took the shows by storm. She and Gil battled for Best of Breed wins the entire weekend and in the end they each took home two BOBs. That gave Luna three competition wins towards her championship and a boat load of points to spare. Not to be outdone by the youngsters, Willow earned her last few remaining points and finished her UKC Championship in style. Way to go Willow!

Continuing their conformation marathon the CA MAs then attended the Norcal APBT Club's June shows. This weekend proved to be eventful for all in attendance. Unfortunately Willow was absent due to injury but the other four showed in full force with two of our lovely ladies finishing their UKC Championships!

Luna dominated the Best Female competition with 3 wins in a row and earned the remainder of points required to finish her UKC Championship. To our delight, Fecni took the very first Best Female award, earning her last competition win and also finishing her UKC Championship. Way to go Luna and Fecni!

Gil put on a great show as well and took all four Best of Breed awards as well as two Best in Multi-Breed Show awards! He now joins the ranks of the few MAs to achieve this distinction and we couldn't be prouder.

Special thanks to Judges Debbi and Al Orwin for recognizing Gil and our breed.

Finishing out the show news are the results from our latest show outing with the Gold Country Hounds & Hunters and Rarities. On Saturday all five MAs attended the GCH&H shows in Rancho Cordova.

We now had five dogs showing in the champions class and one remaining class dog. Luna strutted her stuff and went home with two Champion of Champions wins, one BOB and two legs towards her UKC Grand Championship.

Gil took the two Reserve Champion of Champions and Belle won her very first Best of Breed! Way to go Belle!

On Sunday Belle and Fecni stayed on at GCH&H while Luna, Gil and Willow headed down to Livermore for some Rarities shows. There were a total of 5 Rarities shows all in one day and the July heat nearly made everyone melt. Nevertheless the dogs put on a good show and came home with lots of ribbons. At her Rarities debut Luna took three Winners Bitch awards and Willow took the other two. Gil was undefeated as the BOB winner 5x in a row and also took three Group 1's and a Best in Show!

Back in Rancho Cordova Belle was on a winning streak and won both BOB (finishing out her competitive win requirements) and finished the day with a Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show!

All in all the MA Show Marathon was a success, but we're all ready to take a break from showing for now :)

I finally got the Rarities pictures in the mail (see above).

Updates Coming Soon!

I heard some sad statistic about most blogs ending up being abandoned within a short matter of time. I have been rather lax in updating the CAMA blog, but not to worry I will get back on track! I have a ton of news to report and I will do my best to get those posted by the end of the week. For the few that may be following please stay tuned!