Monday, January 19, 2009

Splash Dogs

Right after we went to the race practice in Wheatland we headed to Cal Expo to watch the Splash Dogs event. One of the All-K9 Race regulars had invited us to come and watch her chocolate Lab Chip do some dock diving so we decided to check it out. We arrived just in time to watch Chip do his final set of jumps and boy is he good at it! He ended up winning 2nd place in the event!

Anyway, in between heats the dock was open for anyone who wanted to practice so I decided to take Gil up to see what he thought. We walked right up the plank and didn't hesitate to put his feet in the water, but as soon as he got far enough down the ramp and found himself completely submerged in the water he promptly turned around and paddled back to shore. Even though he was caught off guard he swam pretty well for a first-timer. Maybe once the weather gets warmer we can practice at it some more. Who knows, Gil may be the very first MA to try out dock diving :)

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