Sunday, January 18, 2009

A nice day of race practice

5 of the northern California MAs headed out to Wheatland yesterday for a day of race practice. The weather was beautiful and all the dogs put in some nice runs.

The two young pups, Luna and Gator, are wicked fast and pretty evenly matched for one another. Their last run of the day was a neck and neck race the entire 200 yard distance with no clear winner at the end. These guys are going to be serious competitors come spring time!

Gil and Willow had one very exiting race together, but the most interesting runs of the day were between the MAs and the Lurchers. Our good friends Bev and Niki wanted to see how fast their two Lurchers, Gower and Gwena, were compared to our dogs so we had a couple of match races. In the end all the dogs were very well-matched against one other which made for some pretty intense racing. We will definitely have to do that again some time!

Belle ran two very nice schooling races as a single. This girl has a lot of heart and always puts out 200% when she runs.

All in all it was a lovely day. Luna's dad took quite a lot of video so once those are available they will be posted to the blog. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks to Leslie and Bob are in order for a wonderful practice run at their place! As Audrey says, it was a lot of fun. The biggest part of the day for me was watching the MAs and lurchers compete. We really need to have more of these races!