Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fecni's Mixed Hunt Victory

Hunter's Gaze
by Dave Mills

On January 18th, Fecni attended her very first NOFCA mixed hunt. Here is what her owner Sally Barron had to say about her big day:

It was a tough day in a very competitive field... Three top NOFCA Greyhounds, a couple of very good Salukis, Sidney and Sally Ride, and some top Whippets (all the way from Washington state)... She had a very good prelim with a Greyhound and a Saluki... I could not see most of the course (they went over a berm) but she evidently ran very well as she had a high score and had shredded her coursing jacket...

We walked all day to find the 4 prelim rabbits... At about 4:00 we changed fields and found that 4th prelim rabbit... Fecni made the finals and drew the two Greyhounds who had made finals... We got up an excellent rabbit for the first final and they ran an extremely long course with a lot of work. The second finals rabbit (we had two courses of finals), we put up at 5:00 was also very good...

Fecni ended up tied for 5th and I was delighted... She was running against some of the fastest most experienced dogs in NOFCA and she looked like she belonged there...


Way to go Fecni! The California Magyar Agars are certainly on a winning streak this hunting season.

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