Saturday, June 26, 2010

WWWA Versatility Weekend: Part 4

By Tom Koler

Lure-coursing was the fourth event to be held over the versatility weekend. Up to this point, Gator had squeaked ahead of his sister to win the sprints and oval, and Fecni took the conformation win. Luna’s forte, however, is the lure-course. In true form she was giving her brother another tough competitive run, when suddenly she came up lame by the end of the first course. Regretfully, we had to scratch her from the final run of the weekend. With his last run of the day, Gator won the ribbons for most versatile in breed by his wins the best of breed in LGRA and ASFA and high score in breed for NOTRA. All in all, it was a successful long weekend despite having to scratch Fecni from the racing and Luna having a bum foot.

The Western Washington Whippet Association has a very well run and efficient three day event over Memorial Day weekend. Our hats are off in thanks to Beth Levine who ran the show for the ASFA lure-coursing; and thanks again to Keri Swepton for her leadership in running the LGRA sprints, NOTRA oval, and the fun conformation match. During our stay, I was able to renew some old friendships from our days as members of WWWA in the 1980s. It was nice to see that our old organization is very much alive and thriving. We will definitely be sending Magyar Agárs to future WWWA Versatility Weekends!

By two in the afternoon we were packed and ready to make an early exit from the polo grounds. We had a twelve hour ride ahead of us, and getting off as early as possible was a necessity. Early in our trip we were to discover that Luna had started her heat. Poor Gator, worn out in competitive running for a total distance of just a little over a mile, was to endure twelve hours in a confined space with two very attractive girls. To say the least, his restlessness was a good source for staying awake during our trip. The trip itself was uneventful with the Great White Whale sailing down Interstate-5 breezing through western Washington and Oregon. At the California border, Audrey took over for a first trial run of the behemoth van. Eleven o’clock at night is a good time to try to drive a vehicle that drives like a helium-filled über balloon. Audrey drove like a pro and by 1:30 AM she pulled onto her driveway in Davis.

Our trip north would not have been successful without our friends in the Olympia area. Charlotte and Claire Lattimore were very gracious hosts, and hopefully future MA owners. Claire and the MAs were a little team of energy every morning before the events, and in the evening she captained the hounds into playful games. There’s nothing more full of energy than a five-year-old and three MAs!

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