Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Swimming, swimming, and more swimming

Ever since Pi learned how to swim, I've been working hard to try and get the other hounds to swim as well.

I've succeeded in getting Gil to jump into the pool for food; not the best motivator for this kind of activity, but I'm hoping eventually he will start jumping in for the sheer joy of playing in the water.

Pi's sister Patti is also making progress, although not as quickly as her brother and father. She did very well her first time in the pool; there was very little panicking (although the pictures may be deceiving), and even when she was allowed to get out of the pool she remained interested in the water and stayed close to the pool's edge.

She's been showing interest in jumping for food, but still needs some encouragement. Hopefully she will follow Gil's lead, and then eventually start coming in for toys. Patti loves her toys, which is something she and Pi have in common, and will play fetch with a frisbee. These are all good signs that she will eventually learn to retrieve from the water.

Hattie the Greyhound, on the other hand, would just rather be a land shark :-)

"Save me!"


  1. Poor Hattie! :-) I'm so excited for you about Pi though.

    1. Thanks Jen! Hattie is quite good at doing the sad, pathetic, wet dog routine, lol, but I make her do it anyway just to keep her a little bit fit during this hot weather. I do want to invest in one of those inflatable collars you have though. She really does not like getting water in her ears and I think the collar might make swimming less terrible for her :)