Thursday, October 1, 2009

IABCA Golden State Fall Sieger

Gil and Fecni attended this year's IABCA Golden State Fall Sieger in Antioch on September 26th and 27th. This was Fecni's first time in the International show ring and Gil's first time in the open class (IABCA doesn't consider dogs to be adults until they reach 18 months of age).

For those who don't know, IABCA is a show-giving organization that conducts its events in the style of European FCI shows; all dogs recieve a written critique and a rating ("excellent", "good", "fair" etc). If a dog recieves the minimum number of excellent ratings they then become eligible for an IABCA International Championship title. Gil started his show career in the IABCA show ring and has done very well in the past, taking group, Res. BIS and BIS rarebreed awards.

Best of Breed awards were split evenly between Gil and Fecni over the entire weekend, but neither of them took higher awards at the group level (better luck next time). However, our Silken Windhound friends were also in attendance and one of them ended up consistently winning group 3 awards with a fairly large group entry. Congratulations Cyndi and Dusty!

Despite our lack of success in group, the judges made many favorable remarks about the dogs in their written critiques.

Among other things, the judges noted the following about Gil:
Overall Impression: "typey, balanced, well built" - Juliann Kowalsky
Head: "Typey, masculine" - Sherry Swanson
Movement: "covered ground with ease" - Jane Roppolo

Among other things, the judges noted the following about Fecni:
Overall Impression: "well balanced, sound" - Sherry Swanson
Movement: "clean coming and going" - Juliann Kowalsky
Overall Impression: "Nice profile, clean/smooth" - Jane Roppolo

The Stout-Hearted Greyhounds, Cali and Humer, were also entered in the veterans class for the last two shows of the weekend. Queen Cali reigned supreme and beat her stinky brother twice for Best of Breed honors. Humer says, "oh well, maybe next time" :-)


Gil in group:

Fecni in group:

Cali in veterans:

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