Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BRNC's First Fall Race Meet 10/10-11

BRNC had its first fall meet a couple of weeks ago and we had two really exciting days of racing. Gil was absent for the weekend but Willow, Belle, Gator, Fecni and Luna all made it out.

Saturday we had all five MAs entered. The track was pretty rough and hard on everyone's feet. By the end of the day Willow and Belle had sore pads so they stayed home on Sunday. Nevertheless, Willow put in some amazing runs and tied with her nephew Gator for first place, giving them both 1.5 points towards their GRCs.

Official Results for Saturday were:
1. Gator (Betcha-Katcha Omlin)
2. Willow (Betcha-Katcha Nubia)
3. Luna (Betcha-Katcha Ojeda)
4. Belle (Betcha-Katcha Nellie Belle)
5. Fecni (Vakvagta Fecni)

Sunday was pup day. With Willow and Belle out for the rest of the weekend that left only Gator, Luna and good ol' Fecni. The brother and sister duo were battling for first place the whole day, but in the end Gator took home first prize for his second meet win and one more point towards his GRC. He's now more than half-way to completing his championship. Luna also picked up a half point towards her GRC.

Official Results for Sunday:
1. Gator
2. Luna
3. Fecni

The Stout-Hearted Terriers, Opal and Beryl, were also in attendance and gave it their all. Opal was undefeated in her class the whole weekend.

... and our friend Bandit did his best :)

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