Tuesday, September 22, 2009

News from Abroad: Remy's puppies have names

Remy's puppies have names now and are growing by the minute. Check out the video above of one of the little puppers trying to stand up.

male 1 - Cserihegyi Elmés
named for King Shrewd in the Farseer Trilogy. Shrewd's name in Hungarian translates to Elmés.

male 2 - Cserihegyi Érdem
a nice and big puppy with a lovely coat color.
Érdem means merit or excellence in Hungarian.

male 3 - Cserihegyi Elfogod
he may not be as big as his bros but he's got one handsome little face.
Elfogod means "you get it", "you keep it"

female 1 - Cserihegyi Emlék
a great looking baby.
Emlék means remembrance; in memory of her late aunt Fagyöngy.

female 2 - Cserihegyi Ejha
a middlesized baby girl who already shows a desire to please. This little girl is going to be a courser and I'm sure she'll be victorious.
Ejha means "wow"

female 3 - Cserihegyi Estély
a big baby girl with eye-catching color and strong MA head.
Estély means "social evening" or "party"

female 4 - Cserihegyi Előzz
A little girl with deep red color. A good prospect for racing and hunting.
Előzz means "take over!"

female 5 - Cserihegyi Esti Mese
a beautiful, beautiful girl.
Esti Mese means "evening tale"

female 6 - Cserihegyi Éles
A great show prospect.
Éles means "sharp"

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