Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two new pups to join the CA Magyar Agár Crew!

The California Magyar Agar crew will soon be welcoming two new puppies from the Kucorgó-Dombi "G" Litter, Galagonyás (left) and Gyopár (right). These pups were born in early July and will be making their way out west in a few weeks.

Gyopár, the little girl puppy, will be going to live with Bukky in the Sierra Nevada mountains and Galagonyás, the little boy puppy, will be staying with the Tuzvihar hounds, Willow, Belle and Gator. We're looking for a co-owner for Galagonyás, preferably someone who would be interested in open field coursing or hunting.

Needless to say we are all really excited about these two pups and can't wait for them to get here! Many thanks to their breeder, Orsi Bali, for allowing them to come and live in the states! Check back soon for continuing pupdates :)

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