Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Coursing Season in Review: Part II

I've finally gotten around to the second installment of the 2008 NOFCA coursing season now that I finished my first week of midterms (yay!)

Team Magyar Agar continued it's winning streak at the CRA's first breed hunt of the season. We had a nice entry of 9 which consisted of 6 Ibizan Hounds, 1 Galgo Espanol and of course the two MAs. We also had a couple of Greyhounds, an Afghan and a Borzoi working the gallery.

Fecni drew the first course of the day and within 2 minutes we had popped a hare. Fecni shot off the line like a bullet and won her prelim. Gil waited impatiently until the third course where he drew the Galgo and an Ibizan. The rabbit popped to the right and all three dogs ran off the line fully sighted. Gil won his prelim course too and he and Fecni drew the same final. Their finals course went off beautifully. Gil put a hard turn on the hare within seconds of leaving the line which pointed the hare right in Fecni's path. Everyone thought they were going to get it, but the lucky rabbit lived to run another day. In the end Gil took first place and Fecni came in second.

The second rare breed hunt of the season took place on January 3rd 2009. Team Magyar Agar rang in the new year with more great running.

On this day we had a split stake between Ibizans and the rest of the rare breeds. Gil drew the first course of the day along with two Afghans and took the highest score. Fecni also took the high score in her prelim brace which put both of them in the running for the final course. After having spent hours in the middle of the field with no luck we hit the jackpot when we headed towards a heavily-brushed levy on the far side of the field. The chilling winds had forced all the rabbits up against the levy and once we got our gallery in there they were popping left and right.

In Fecni and Gil's final course the rabbit popped from behind us. Despite having to make a full backwards turn, both dogs were sighted and closed in quickly. They hadn't gotten far when they both came to a diving stop. Gil had caught the hare!

With that, Gil and Fecni once again finished in first and second place respectively.

Stay tuned for part III ...

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