Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Nice Day of Race Practice

Bob and Jane Bulman of Point Breeze Greyhounds invited us to their home today for some oval track race practice. They have a beautiful 220 yard track with a plush peat moss surface, perfect for Greyhounds! It was so nice and soft I even let my accident-prone Greyhound, Humer, have a run on it.

Anyway, Gil had one nice solo run and then I asked Jane if she had a Greyhound that Gil could race against. She picked out a lovely little black dog named Ryder that Gil seemed to tower over. Gil made a nice clean break out of the boxes which put him in the lead for a short time. However, little Ryder soon caught up and passed Gil right after the first turn, proving that when it comes to a short sprint the Greyhound can't be beat. The MA's are really best suited for a longer distance where endurance is their strong point.

Thanks Bob and Jane for a great day!

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