Thursday, May 12, 2016

Big News!

It was confirmed on May 10th via ultrasound that Patti is in whelp! Tom and I have been working on this breeding for quite some time now, so we didn't want to make any announcements about it until we were certain that there are buns in the oven. The doctor counted between 6 and 8 puppies, but truthfully any number would have been fine with us. We are over-the-moon excited about this litter and can't wait for these little Agars to make their appearance. Patti (as you will know if you've been reading this blog) is from the first litter of American-born Magyar Agars, so this litter will mark a new milestone for the breed in North America. The proud papa is none other than Mr. Al E. Gator, or just Gator. Gator was born and bred in Germany, but grew up here in the states and has been our most competitive Agar on the amateur race track and lure coursing field. He's also just about the sweetest boy you'll ever meet. Here's hoping for an uncomplicated pregnancy and an uneventful whelping!