Friday, October 9, 2015

A New Puppy On The Way

There's a new puppy arriving to California from Hungary very soon.

Repülj Gácsér 

I neglected to post about it, but Bukky passed away in February of this year, leaving his owner, Peter, and niece, Gypsy. He had lived a long and full life, but his death left a void in the household, and so Peter began looking for a new puppy to be a companion for Gypsy.

After making inquiries to Bukky and Gypsy's breeder, he was told that a litter was being planned, with Gypsy and Dude's litter brother assigned as the sire. So, he waited patiently for the litter to be born, and as they grew the breeder sent plenty of pictures and descriptions of each puppy and its personality. The choice came down to two little boy pups, and Peter decided to go with the one named "Gácsér" which means "drake" in Hungarian.

Peter has since settled on the name "Jussi", and we are all waiting very patiently for his arrival later this month!

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