Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years Hunting Trip

Gil and Hawthorn attended the first rarebreed hunt of the new year on January 8th. We must have had one of the largest entries on record, or at least it felt that way as the day wore on.

We started out well and were popping rabbits every 10 minutes or so. We got enough up to finish the Ibizan Hound stake and the first half of the Silken Windhounds. Then as the last half of the silkens came up to the line we suddenly hit a complete dearth of rabbits that lasted for several hours. Since the second flight of silkens were all newbies their owners decided to scratch them so that if/when we did find the next rabbit the other rarebreeds would have a chance to run.

That put Gil up on the line in the first course of the rarebreed stake. We decided to move to the other side of the field where we hoped we would find the rabbits' secret hiding place. We weren't wrong. As soon as we got there a big jack bolted right under our feet. Gil was first off the line, followed closely by Wendy the Afghan. He wrenched a very hard turn on the hare that almost left him completely turned around, but Wendy, who was right behind him, was able to turn it back towards him. They gave the hare a good run from then on but were not able to catch it.

Here's a photographic sequence of Gil's course, courtesy of Rick Steele:

and, here's an aerial view of Gil's course, courtesy of my Garmin Astro:

Hawthorn came along for his very first hunt ever. Unfortunately he didn't sight his rabbit but he ran anyway!

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