Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Plans for a Magyar Agar Litter in the USA

We have tentative plans for a Magyar Agár litter in 2010/2011. The parents for this litter will be Gil, Ch. Aranyági Utonálló Fenség CC JOR, and Willow, Betcha-Katcha Nubia.
The sire is an accomplished show, racing, and open field coursing dog. He was the number one Magyar Agar in LGRA and NOFCA for 2008 and number one in UKC conformation 2008 as well. The dam is close to completing her LGRA racing championship and was the number one LGRA MA in 2006 and 2007. Both parents will have their eyes, hearts and thyroids tested/screened for good health. We expect the puppies to be versatile and athletic examples of the breed, suitable for showing, racing, coursing, lure coursing and couch-potatoing. The puppies will be UKC and FCI registerable.
We are looking for responsible and dedicated individuals/families to provide homes for our puppies and are taking reservations now. If you are interested in acquiring a Magyar Agár puppy please contact us.

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